Made in the Woods

Timber Products

Made in Butterdon Wood.

Running Deer supply a fantastic range of sustainable timber products made in our woods. 

We have a management plan in place to harvest our current crop of Japanese Larch  so that we can replant Butterdon Wood and create a beautiful broadleaf woodland for future generations to enjoy.  Larch is a good quality timber, used for cladding, structural work, flooring and decking.


Running Deer are able to supply greenwood for the craft market including: Hazel, Sycamore and Sweet Chestnut. Examples of greenwood products range from hurdles, wood for turning and tool handles to walking sticks and even wands!  


We supply logs to domestic customers. Larch has a high calorific value, burns hot and is highly efficient. It’s great for wood burners and wood boiler systems.

Cubic metre loads of logs can be sized and split to order – delivered free to your door within a 15 mile radius of our woodland. For deliveries outside of this area we charge an additional £1 per mile. Netted logs are collection only.


Traditional charcoal is made by the woodland team in our own charcoal kiln, from Butterdon Wood’s coppiced Sycamore and Hazel; producing high quality charcoal suitable for barbecues. A sustainable product available on a ‘burn to order’ kiln load basis. For details please contact us.

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