September Review at Running Deer CIC

Looking back on September

Now that the holidays are over we are once again focussed on the referrals pathway and mentor programme with fresh ideas, new services and exciting activities for young people to participate in.

Starting the new academic year we have been very fortunate to have had excellent weather, with only one or two wet days to contend with.  As we move towards winter we have had some lovely frosty mornings and the autumnal trees are absolutely beautiful this year!

Already this term young people have participated in equine therapy, dog therapy, tree planting, candle making and camp fire tie dyeing… not to mention our regular activities including bushcraft, woodland management, conservation, den building, orienteering and food foraging.

DfE Independent School

Running Deer is a DfE registered independent school working with young people with Special Educational Needs (registration number: 878/6067). We work alongside mainstream and special schools to provide a range of alternative therapeutic services for young people in Devon who are struggling in the classroom. 

Our Referral Pathway activities are structured around the needs of the child/young person, and the schools desired outcomes. Activities include bushcraft, equine assisted therapy, nature therapy and rural skills including green woodworking which is very popular with young people. All of these activities can be linked in to the National Curriculum in subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Geography, Design and Technology and Physical Education.

Running Deer’s Mentor service is tailored to suit individual needs and supports your young person in their personal development including improved self-esteem, confidence and communication, social and emotional wellbeing.

The mentor service is aimed at young people 13 years and over who are interested in activities outside of our woodland setting.

Our work at Butterdon Wood

Both Trelawny and Cisco have had a busy start to the term supporting young people who find solace in their quiet and patient natures and who enjoy grooming and working with them on the ground. 

Wulf too has had a busy start to the term with enquiries about our new service – Wulf supporting young people into school as well as at Butterdon Wood.  One young person who spent time with Wulf over the holidays said “Wulf doesn’t do anything amazing – but what he does is amazing”.

September review – Powderham Food Festival

We attended the Powderham Food Festival, taking our charcoal burner, green woodwork equipment, freshly harvested wood for spoon carving so that we could showcase traditional rural skills.

We were also able to demonstrate the links between these skills such as spoon carving, and food! 

Our charcoal burner puffed gently away to the backdrop of Powderham Castle whilst children and adults participating in the workshops, having a go on the shave horses and poe lathe, whittling spoons and practicing their fire lighting skills.

Finally, following our September review, we still have for sale antler handled, cherry wood handled fire steels and pots of pitch-wood tinder which are now available in our shop. Great Christmas gifts for those who love the outdoors.

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