Bushcraft at Running Deer CIC

Bushcraft in Schools

Running Deer’s Bushcraft in Schools follows on from our very successful schools project in 2012/2013. We are offering a new project for schools in Devon for 2013/2014.

This project has been designed with the focus on providing  children with special needs and mainstream children the opportunity to interact with each other, improving social understanding, reducing isolation and stigma that can be associated with special needs; helping to improve self-esteem, generate new friendships and understanding between peers.

This will be achieved by taking our Bushcraft team into schools and working with small mixed groups of children both with and without additional needs in the outdoor environment.

The children will participate in activities such as shelter building, making tools and camp structures such as tables and stools, wild food foraging, making cob, fire lighting and other Bushcraft related activities.

All the activities are designed so that the children work together as a team, learning new skills, and most importantly having fun which in turn helps to improve and develop peer relationships.

We can work with up to 12 children per session; half the group will be children with special needs.

This is a funded project through the Aiming High for Disabled Children small grants scheme.

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