Rural Skills Course, Running Deer CIC

Running Deers Rural Skills course offered full time and part time courses in rural skills which covered all the main aspects of traditional linear boundary and woodland management using hand tools.

Courses were aimed at people wishing to learn about rural skills and environmental conservation; and for those considering working in, or developing a business in a land based industry. The project was particularly interested in supporting local people wishing to live and work in their own community; and 16-24 year old NEETS. 

Rural Skills Course

Over the two years we supported 53 people and helped to preserve traditional and rural skills in Devon. The project employed 2 Apprentices, 2 Tutors and recruited 10 volunteers.

It provided support to those interested in starting their own enterprise with 4 students going on to set up their own business in green woodworking and woodland management and we developed land partners including the National Trust, Woodland Trust, local farms and land owners.

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