Art Therapy at Running Deer School

Art is a subject I never really had an interest in before coming to work at Running Deer School.

My view on art was tainted by my school days being made to go to a lesson that I was not very good at and being dragged round galleries on school trips.

Art Therapy

Since starting work at Running Deer School and sitting in with my students in Jon, our art teachers art lessons I have developed an appreciation for art in all forms.

The way Jon teaches is a lot different to the way I was taught at school. I was told what I should be looking at and appreciating.

At Running Deer School we see art as a very personal thing what I might appreciate and enjoy may not suit the next person. Jon talks to the student, finds out the way they want to do things and finds the way they express themselves through art.

The students always look forward to doing art with Jon or the Case Workers. It gives the student time to process information and express themselves or how they are feeling. After an art lesson I always feel the student is calmer and more comfortable within themselves.

We have a whole manor of art resources in the school such as clay, spray paints, drawing pencils, charcoal just to name a few. If a student comes to us with an idea we do not have the materials for we do our best to acquire them.

Art does wonders for the students sense of well being and are rightly proud to take their pieces home when they are finished to show off to loved ones.

When a student at Running Deer School is going through a hard time we encourage them to do some art work with their case worker and talk this usually helps the student get things off their chest and puts them in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Art is a very personal and expressive thing and is important for our children’s personal development. As adults it is our duty to facilitate this and aid our children in their creative journey.


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