Building a bird box

SW has worked hard this term at Running Deer School to complete his John Muir project work, below is his factfile sharing his hard work. Well done SW!!

Building my bird box

My Factfile for the John Muir Discovery Level Award

Name – SW
Age – 13

A Random fact about me?….. – I mix drum and bass.

Which wild place did you explore? – My school Running Deer

What did you do for the conserve part of the John Muir award? A bird box to conserve animals, butterfly surveys for the big butterfly count.

Bird Box Construction

John Muir Award Bird Box

What animals or plants will benefit because of your hard work? Wrens, Blue tits and other small birds.

How do feel about the next level of John Muir award? I feel excited, I want to plant trees in our woodland for the next level.

How do you feel after completing your discovery level award? Good, I have made something for the wild animals, I feel like a spiffing young man.

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