Butterdon Wood, Running Deer CIC

This month for my blog I have spent time with Student O, who has discussed his thoughts and feelings about his early experiences here at Running Deer.

My first two weeks at Running Deer

“On my first day at Running Deer I felt nervous. I have had dreadful experiences at previous schools, and was not sure how it would be. I hoped there was not loads of people, as this was what I was used to. After day one I felt amazing!”

“Adults have been kind, nice and understanding about me. So far I have completed den building and have a safe place when I need space. I am also starting to make friends which is new to me.”

“I am not sure what I want to do in the future but it has to be mainly outdoors. Running Deer gives me this chance. I am looking forward to doing projects and maybe Trout fishing.”

“Since being at Running Deer I feel much happier, less stressed and less worried.”

“I love it here! I hate it when I am not at school and I didn’t think I would say that. I can’t believe this is my school!”

Thank you to O for sharing how you feel.


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