Rural Skills

Rural Skills Course in Devon

Running Deer’s Rural Skills Course covers all the main aspects of traditional linear boundary and woodland management using hand tools.

Our six week Rural Skills course is designed to help students improve self-esteem, motivation and confidence; those wishing to learn about rural skills and environmental conservation and/or considering work in, or developing a business in a land based industry. These are hands on practical courses using hand tools.

On this course students will gain practical experience in woodland management, linear boundary management and green woodworking. You will learn about environmental conservation and the importance of looking after a woodland to improve biodiversity and protect flora and fauna.

You will also learn carpentry and green woodworking skills using unseasoned timber and will have the opportunity to create your own projects as part of the course.

Course Content:

  • Health and safety/ Risk assessments. PPE and responsibilities.
  • Tool use and maintenance.
  • Woodland management – conservation, coppicing, coppice crafts and other techniques.
  • Greenwood working – Using un-seasoned wood for a variety of projects.
  • Hedge Laying (Winter).
  • Stone Walling (Summer).
  • Charcoal making.
  • Waterway management – Conservation and restoration.
  • Fencing


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