Services for Schools in Devon

Running Deer’s Intervention Services and programmes offer support for young people at risk of exclusion, or those who have already been excluded from school.

We provide support in emotional, social and behavioural development, mental health and wellbeing and learning; helping the young person to regulate their emotions and increase their self-esteem and confidence.

We work closely with professionals, parents and carers to ensure that their additional needs are addressed through one, or a combination of our high support interventions. Support is individually tailored to the needs of the young person.

We have the experience and expertise to provide an individually tailored programme for young people aged 8 years and upwards. We support young people with special educational needs including those on the autistic spectrum, social, emotional and behavioural issues, ADHD, ODD, attachment and trauma, foetal alcohol syndrome, mental health and wellbeing.

Further information on our intervention services can be found here.


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