Special Educational Needs in Devon

At Butterdon Wood we have the space for young people with Special Educational Needs to express themselves without the confines of a traditional classroom environment. Butterdon Wood is a wonderful environment for learning, social and emotional development including group activities and learning outside the classroom.

Our classroom subjects follow the national curriculum where appropriate and are delivered by qualified and experienced tutors in our classroom at Butterdon Wood.

We provide an individually tailored programme for young people ages 8 years and upwards with Special Educational Needs that may be part of a reduced timetable, or to support them whilst they transition into a new school.

We are able to support a young person from 1 to 5 days per week for as long as necessary. Our services include:

  • Intervention Services in Devon.
  • Reintegration Support.
  • Therapy Dogs.
  • Equine Assisted Interventions.
  • Mental health and wellbeing.
  • Learning and structured KS2-KS4 education with our qualified tutors.


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