Sponsor A Tree Scheme

Sponsor A Tree

Sponsor your very own tree in Butterdon Wood.

Running Deer’s Sponsor A Tree Scheme offers you the chance to become involved in, and help support our native British woodlands!

We invite you to become a part of the creation of our beautiful new woodland at Butterdon Wood. It’s simple to do and something that everyone can take part in and enjoy but we need your help.

Our Sponsor A Tree Scheme will create a new broadleaf woodland that will not only replace the existing crop of Japanese Larch but help change the structure of the canopy; encouraging natural regeneration of native tree’s and wild flowers such as bluebells, foxgloves and wood sorrel to flourish. This in turn will strengthen our population of insects, birds, wildlife and resident dormice!

We have a lovely selection of native species for you to choose from which will mature and grow as you and/or your family does. 

The legacy of your sponsorship will live on for generations to come, not only providing a community woodland for everyone to enjoy, but supporting a conservation project and enhancing our beautiful piece of Dartmoor.

Tree Sponsorship

Sponsor a tree in Butterdon Wood

£22.95Help support us!
Our sponsor a tree scheme - make your selection from over 15 native species of British tree!
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Memorial Trees

In memory of your loved one.

£79.95Inclusive of plaque.
Dedicate a tree and plaque in memory of your loved one, from our selection of native species.
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Native Bluebells

Help protect our native Bluebells

£14.95Support our woodland.
Sponsor our Butterdon Bluebells and help protect the English Bluebell in Butterdon Wood.
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