Photography at Fingle

Photography in general is something I really love doing. A few years ago I spontaneously bought myself a Nikon D3300 and began my photography journey.

I would endlessly watch YouTube tutorials and read books and online articles to teach myself the basics of photography and what all of the terminology about my camera meant. I started spending my weekends exploring new areas with my camera and capturing some amazing sights of the country.

However in recent months I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like.

Photography at Fingle –  An afternoon with J

A couple of Monday’s ago, my student for the day was absent from school so I  spent the morning doing some jobs at the stables and helping out around the woods but when the afternoon came there wasn’t much for me to do. 

J, one of our students here at Running Deer was about to head into Fingle woods with his case worker Emma and her camera and he asked me if I wanted to join them and of course I couldn’t have been more excited to be out in the beautiful woods, finding nature and wildlife to photograph.

When we arrived at Fingle Bridge, J got the camera equipment out of the car and secured it to himself safely and we headed on our walk.  We soon stopped to listen to all of the noises that were surrounding us.

“ I can hear a Robin”  J was excitedly looking up at the sky and trees to spot the bird and as soon as he noticed  the red breast on the end of a branch, he lifted the camera up and  began shooting. It was really great to see how proud he was of each photo and he had every right to be…the photos were incredible! 

After a while he turned to me and gave me the camera “you can have a go now, I will help you” he guided me through his steps and talked me through the lens he had chosen to use for that specific shot.

We then carried on walking to see if we could find some flowing water so that J could practice some long exposure photography. This is where you use a long duration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of an imagine while blurring or smearing the moving ones.

He sat the camera up on the tripod while Emma and myself explained to J about the aperture and the shutter speed and what he would need to do to get the perfect photo. He adjusted the camera and took several shots using different settings, he compared each of the photos until he was happy with the outcome.

J definitely has a great eye for photography and was lovely to see him so passionate while using the camera. Having spent the afternoon out in the beautiful woods and exploring a new area with a camera has very much inspired me to get back in to my photography again.


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