Heavy Horses

Working with Heavy Horses

Spending time with a heavy horse is a wonderful experience. Their gentleness and generosity will fill you with an enormous sense of calm and understanding.

Our two day course offers you the opportunity to experience and learn the basics for working a heavy horse in harness. You will work through modules designed to give you an insight into the behaviour of horses, horse care, tack and equipment, harnessing and introduction to working a heavy horse.

Working with horses is about building relationships and developing emotional bonds based on trust and respect.

Our course will introduce you to:

  • Understanding horses and their behaviours.
  • Developing relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Learn about the basic care of a heavy horse.
  • Horse equipment.
  • How to harness a heavy horse.
  • Long reining a heavy horse.
  • Working a heavy horse with a chain harrow.

Prices £135 plus VAT per person per day based on 6 people attending. You can attend one or both of these days. A Running Deer Certificate of Attendance will be provided on completion of either the day or the whole course.


“Thank you for letting me work with Trelawny and letting me train Cisco.”

Kianna | Student

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